Our School

Whorouly Primary School is located in a small rural township, 30 kilometres south-east of Wangaratta, in North-East Victoria. The school has served its local district since 1874. We have students across all grade levels from Foundation to Grade 6.

Students are drawn from the town itself and the school bus service transports students from the surrounding district. Our school has close ties with the neighbouring Whorouly Pre School and local community groups. Whorouly Primary School is a member of the Ovens Learning Community of schools and is the base school for the MACC (Mobile Art) Program servicing seven schools.

Whorouly Prinary School Front Gate

Our Learning Spaces

The Whorouly Primary School buildings consist of a semi-open plan learning space, with a junior and senior classroom space, a multi-purpose classroom, a large covered deck, kitchen/staffroom, office, resource room and library/meeting room.

Also located on the school grounds is an art shed, a kitchen garden, a large, grassed playing area, covered adventure playground, and a covered hard court.

Optimistic, Resilient, Creative & Critical Thinkers

In 2024 enrolments remain steady at 27 students across all grade levels from Foundation to Grade 6.

Our students come from a wide range of families with diverse backgrounds. We provide a nurturing and challenging environment that empowers students to achieve their personal best, both academically and socially and become optimistic, resilient, creative and critical thinkers.

We seek to promote our school values and inspire diversity, achievement, responsibility and endeavour, throughout the curriculum, in co-curricular activities, and in our daily operations.

Reports & Information

Our Staff

  • Pauline McPherson

    Pauline McPherson

    Teaching Principal: Grades 3-6

  • Alice Corcoran

    Alice Corcoran

    Grades 3-6

  • Angella Francis

    Angella Francis

    Foundation-Grade 2

Support Staff

  • Andrea Tully

    Andrea Tully

    Educational Support

  • Mel Davis

    Mel Daws

    Educational Support

  • Amy Gibb

    Amy Gibb

    Admin Support

  • Anna Buchanan

    Anna Buchanan

    Mobile Art Craft Centre (MACC)

  • Graham Veal

    Graham Veal


  • Maria Rinaldi

    Maria Rinaldi

    Italian Teacher (LOTE)

  • Fenella Elsom

    Fenella Elsom


  • Anthony Lewler

    Anthony Lawler

    Mobile Area Resource Centre (MARC)

  • Ross Hill

    Georgia Mahoney

    Bluearth Coach

  • John O'Bryen

    John O'Bryen

    Technical Support

  • Kath Stone

    Mary Cook

    School Cleaner

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